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Enhancing child development through gifts of the natural world. 

About Us

Dedicated Educators

Our educators are dedicated to helping children to thrive! We are passionate about providing children with opportunities to connect with the natural world. Our goal is to show every child the extraordinary gifts that Mother Nature has to offer!

Nature-Based Curriculum

At Flatwoods Forest School we believe that time spent in nature is invaluable to children.  In our current fast-paced world, not enough time is spent in the natural world. Children need this time and that is why our curriculum is based in nature and created from nature. We have seen the benefits of Nature-Based Education and we are delighted to bring these to North Florida families!

Our Mission

At Flatwoods Forest School we believe that children thrive best in a natural environment with teachers that engage and excite. We facilitate education with values of preservation and mindful discovery alongside families that recognize the importance of exploring, caring and protecting Mother Earth. 

School Information


We are located at the Florida Agricultural Museum in Palm Coast, Florida. With over 400 acres of forest, pasture, and old Florida history, it is the perfect location for building a connection to nature! 

Camp Schedule

10-10:40 Drop off time/Playtime

10:45-11:10 Snack/Story

11:15-12:00 Nature Walk

12:05-12:35 Lunch

12:40-1:45 Lost Skills

1:50-2:15 Sharing Circle 

2:30-3:00 Playtime/Pickup

What to Bring


Please send your child with a small backpack they can manage to carry on their own. The backpack should have the following items: 

· Small hand towel for drying hands from our outdoor hand washing station 

· Extra set of clothing in case of puddle or pee accidents, including underwear, bottoms, tops, socks - labeled with your child’s name

· Water bottle

· Lunch with napkin (cloth preferably)

· Bug Repellent of parent’s choice that has been put on child before drop off.

· Sunscreen of parent’s choice that has been put on child before drop off. 

-Your sense of adventure!

Our Staff

Kim Clauson

BS in Art Education - FSU

AMS Montessori Primary Intern 

Ages 3-6

3 1/2 years Montessori classroom experience

Missy Clauson

Certified FL Master Naturalist

BA in Sociology/Anthropology Flagler College

Florida Park Service Ranger from 2010-2016 

Elle Keathley

BA in Liberal Studies from Simpson University

K-6 Teacher Certification

AMS Certified Montessori Teacher Ages 6-9

Michele Pellicer

BA in Business- Hospitality FSU

St. Augustine local raising her child in Florida's natural environment


Sign Up!

Please print, complete and return the registration forms to to reserve your child's place in our program. 

Reference Page

We love learning about natural parenting and nature-based education! Here are some of our favorite resources. 

Richard Louv: The Last Child in the Woods

This is a fabulous book about the importance of time spent in nature for children.  It also highlights the current decline of nature interaction in childhood.

Rachel Carson: A Sense of Wonder

The Sense of Wonder is a refreshing antidote to indifference and a guide to capturing the simple power of discovery that Carson views as essential to life.

Kelly Johnson: Wings Worms and Wonder

Kelly Johnson's book is a practical guide for how to assist children in forming a connection with gardening and the natural world. 

Maria Montessori: The Secret of Childhood

A wonderful explanation of the uniqueness of children by Italy's first woman medical doctor. 

The Perks of a Play-in-the-Mud Educational Philosophy

This is an excellent article about the benefits of nature-based schooling. 

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